Our Dogma

Our DogmaAt Pooches Parlour, we are all about your Pooch! We understand the importance your dog has with you, that they are part of the family too! We feel that a good wash and groom is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and happy dog. Our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to speak with you and discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding the grooming process and the benefits of it as well. Or, if you want to just gush about your dog too, that’s perfectly fine as well!


A happy, healthy, beautiful dog


At Pooches Parlour we want the owners to feel comfortable entrusting their dogs with our capable staff

members. In order to do so, we promise to do the following:Treat your dog with respect and handle them as if they were part of our own family

  • Ensure that every dog has a positive experience by being patient and caring
  • Never forget that our goal is to earn the owner’s trust and comfort in leaving one of their beloved family members with us
  • Being transparent by fully explaining our services so the owner knows exactly what to expect
At Pooches Parlour we want every dog to be happy when they arrive and every owner to be happy whenthey leave.

Core Values

    • We believe in INTEGRITY
    • We believe in EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE
    • We believe a HEALTHY dog is a HAPPY dog
    • We believe in creating a POSITIVE experience
    • We believe in PATIENCE and COMPASSION
    • We believe in SUPPORTING our LOCAL COMMUNITY
    • We believe that your POOCH is a FAMILY MEMBER!