How long will it take to groom my dog?

We typically ask for a 3 – 4 hour window to complete a full groom for your dog. This, of course, is dependent on a number of factors which include: breed and size of dog; coat condition; temperament; and overall business of the salon on that day. We do our best to manage our time and minimize the number of hours your dog is on the table, as it can be a stressful event for them. If you require adjusted hours, then please alert our staff members when booking and we can try to accommodate your schedule.

Do you keep dogs all day?

We offer flexible drop off and pick up times that suit your schedule.

What are your prices?

Please call to inquire about pricing as our pricing is based on a variety of factors such as: breed, size, coat condition, temperament, and style requests.

What is included in a bath and brush?

Our Bath and Brush option includes the following:

  • Bath and Brush
  • Nail trim

What is included in a full groom?

Our Full Groom includes the following:

  • Bath and Brush
  • Nail Trim
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Pad Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Cut and Style to your requirements

What does breed specific styling or hand scissoring mean?

Breed specific styling are styles and cuts that were designed for a specific breed (think about a Poodle cut). Typically, this kind of request will require quite a lot of hand scissoring to ensure the proper look and feel. If you request this kind of style, please be aware that added time is required to accommodate this and your pricing will most likely be on the higher end of the scale. Please call to inquire for more details if you are interested in this service.

What additional services do you offer?

We offer services a la carte, so you can pick and choose a specific service if you need. Some of the services we offer in this manner are: Bath and Brush, Brush Out, De-Matting, Nail Trims, Pad Trims, Ear Cleans, Sanitary Trims, Face Trim, Flea Treatments, and Skunk Treatments. Please inquire for more information.

Do you brush teeth?

No, we do not brush teeth. It is our belief that good oral health is a major part of the health requirements for your dog. As such, brushing should be a daily occurrence (just like humans), and we feel that relying on groomers to brush teeth every 6 – 8 weeks is giving a false feeling of oral health. We recommend you brush the teeth of your dogs daily and for serious

Do you cage dry?

We do have cage drying equipment, but are rarely used. Most clients are hand dried and all dogs are supervised during the drying process. Rest assured, we take every precaution in caring for your dog.

How often should my dog be bathed/groomed?

This question, as with most, really depends on the breed, coat type, and lifestyle of your dog. For most breeds, we recommend a full groom every 4 – 8 weeks.

I’ve had a bad experience with another groomer, I’m cautious to bring my dog in, will my dog be alright?

There are a number of factors that may result in an unsatisfactory grooming experience. If your dog has had a bad experience with another groomer, or even at home, please alert our staff members when either booking or upon drop off. We will do our best to groom your dog and make them feel comfortable.

Please alert our staff members upon booking, or drop off, if there have been any negative experiences. This is to ensure we handle your dog property and will ensure the safety of both your dog and our groomers.

My dog has anxiety/aggression issues; will you be able to groom them?

Our staff members are very gentle and comforting people who love dogs, we do everything we can to ensure their comfort and to make a positive experience. We will make every attempt possible to provide the right experience for your dog. If you know that your dog has aggression or anxiety issues, then it is very important to alert our groomers to this prior to the appointment, for the safety of your dog and our groomers. Please see our AGGRESSION/ANXIETY POLICY here.

Can I stay and watch you groom our dog?

We find that dogs behave better when their owners are not present, we recommend that you drop off your dog and leave the salon for the allotted time. Our facility allows you to peer in and see the full grooming process, however if your dog sees you they will get excited and may impact the grooming experience.

Will I get a reminder of my appointment?

All clients will have the option to request a reminder for their appointment via phone call, text, or email. These reminders will be delivered 48 hours prior to your appointment